Technology In The Classroom


My website gives students a chance to practice outside of class, on a computer or on a Smart phone (because the majority of students listen on their phone, only three dictation activities are loaded at a time. This decreases page-loading speeds. Students can access prior dictation activities using the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Frequency: the website is been updated before every class session, making the entire class (handouts, vocabulary, audio recordings) accessible anywhere. Students have sent me classwork from China, Colombia and Ecuador. They also send it to me if they are absent;


The iPad allows for unlimited picture vocabulary as well as quick access to past vocabulary: current photo library stored on iPad contains exactly 560 photos, photos are searchable within seconds (demonstration available)

Frequency: 100% of class sessions;


The AppleTV allows me to project wirelessly from the iPad as I move around the classroom.

Frequency: 100% of class sessions;

Classroom Bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth speaker allows the class to hear the dictation activities clearly from anywhere in the classroom. I can also control if from anywhere in the classroom.

Frequency: 100% of class sessions.

Over 450 Audio Recordings at Dual Speeds

I have recorded teachers at my day school for the past ten years. Teachers record the same selection at two different speeds, allowing students the chance to challenge themselves. Since I create all of these recordings, they are mine to post online (which is why I originally began doing it, instead of using audio CDs that come with books).

Frequency: 100% of class sessions.

Homework Checks Via Text Messaging

Checking homework through text messages allows the class to complete work at home and text it to me. This saves valuable class time.

Frequency: Majority of class sessions.