Lesson Planning

  • Only my own personally-created worksheets are used in class;

  • Just two pages are distributed during class. Theses two pages are sufficient for a 3 or 4 hour class;

  • 11-13 activities during each class maintains a high level of interest in the class;

  • Varied modes of differentiated dictation (both the student-choice worksheets and audio are differentiated) are built into each lesson. Some students use their earphones during class because they have chosen the faster version of the audio (pictured above);

  • I have over 450 audio recordings at dual speeds, which give students the chance to challenge themselves with the faster version. These recordings are mine, so I can post them online for the students legally (which is why I began doing my own recordings ten years ago).

  • The beginning 20 minutes of class time are used as a vocabulary and dictation review of past lessons, re-enforcing what the students have already learned (vocabulary is also re-enforced every Wednesday during Bingo*;

  • Change of emphasis on several activities, based on May 2016 class survey. See related: Preparation for Following School Year Based on May 2016 Anonymous Class Surveys;

  • I ask students to buy a 3-ring binder. Each class, I distribute 2 pages with the holes already punched. I like the students to be organized.

  • I give students a class label (pictured above) with the class days/hours, my name and contact info, and the class website (described in this post). I encourage students to contact me if they will be late or absent. They also use the contact info to submit homework. See Homework & Texting section toward the bottom of this post. The school safety agents have always accepted this label as ID to enter the school (as long as the label has the current school year listed).

Email: dfenner@schools.nyc.gov