Observation by Principal Szeto, Region 2: Jan 4, 2016

Unscheduled observation conducted by Mr. Szeto, Region 2 principal


When I entered your class at 7:45 PM, you were leading a choral and individual repetition of the key vocabulary words and idioms from your lesson on crime prevention..


You develop classroom procedures and routines (e.g. group work, think-pair-share, proximity) that promoted and maintained a climate that is conducive to great learning. You moved around the room offering assistance to students in need during the conversation activity. This is a good approach because it builds rapport and enables you to lend support to students on an individual basis..

You are commended for integrating technology in an ESL setting (e.g. Spotcrime and Podcasts). This practice can promote cooperative group work and impart English skills while also providing technology skills essential for 21st century learners. More importantly, technology can increase the percentage of time students stay on task during independent practice.

Every student comes into your class with different personal interests, experiences and abilities. You are commended to provide multiple entry points into your lesson (e.g. parking garage, puzzles, cue cards, conversation activities).


Students should consistently respond in complete sentences to gain exposure in speaking with sentence complexity in mind. Discussion will develop sustained answers when you discourage one-word responses during discussion. It is better to challenge to explain and defend their answers as well as to respond to the answers of their peers in order to promote critical thinking and engagement.

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