Main Position

  • P.S. 88Q: ESL Teacher: 1994-1998

  • District 24: Project Smart Staff Developer: 1999-2000

  • P.S. 88Q: Technology Staff Developer: 2000-2004

  • P.S. 88Q: ESL Teacher/Tech. Staff Dev.: 2000-2010

  • P.S. 88Q: ESL Teacher/Data Specialist: 2010-2013

  • P.S. 88Q: Full-time Data Specialist: 2013-Present

Secondary Position

  • OACE: P.S. 81Q: September 2007-Present

  • OACE: QALC Teacher Support: Summer 2016

  • OACE: i.S. 318K: September 2008-June 2009 (I was unable to continue in this position because OACE changed P.S. 81’s class schedule from two nights to three nights.

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